Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Adam Lambert Defends His Behavior and Personal Life

Adam Lambert wants to ask one thing of people: to not judge his personal life and choices, no matter how you may feel.

Lambert apparently felt the need to recently update his Twitter to get a message across to his “fans” and others. “Onstage kissing antics were ‘for your entertainment’ nothing more,” Lambert said defending his performance choices.

But he also wants to defend his personal life and is asking for no judgement there: “And “fans” please refrain from judging my personal life negatively. A few of u #needtogetoneofyourown.”

He then closes his message with a nice thank you, of course, and a little reminder: “Remember it’s MY life and I thank you for tuning in.”

What do you think got Adam Lambert on this topic?

Adam Lambert Cute Smile

Adam Lambert Sing A Song

Adam Lambert Wallpaper

Adam Lambert Looks Handsome Boy

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