Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Beast "Fiction" Song

Beast started their promotions for Fiction and Fact on the cable channel Mnet‘s M! Countdown on May 19, 2011 with a performance of their pre-released single "Biga Oneun Naren" and their title track "Fiction". In order to fully deliver the feelings of these two very different songs, the M! Countdown staff prepared two different stage sets. For the performance of "Biga Oneun Naren" they built an atmosphere where it seems to be really raining while they created a stage that's unrealistic and dreamy for "Fiction". A week after, on May 26, 2011, Beast won their first mutizen award for "Fiction" on M! Countdown and subsequently won first place for the shows June 2 and June 9, 2011 episodes. They also won first place on KBS Music Bank's May 27, 2011 episode for their single "Biga Oneun Naren" while "Fiction" won first place on the shows June 3 and June 10, 2011 episodes. Their title track also won a mutizen award on SBS Inkigayo's June 5 and June 12, 2011 episode.


Beast cool performance

Beast cool pose with cool costume

Beast attractive pose

Beast performance at their video clip "Fiction"

Beast cute pose

Beast performance at stage

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