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Katy Perry "Last Friday Night" Song

"Last Friday Night (T.G.I.F.)" is a song by American recording artist Katy Perry. The song was written by Perry, Dr. Luke, Max Martin and Bonnie McKee, and was produced by Dr. Luke and Max Martin. It is the fifth single from Perry's third studio album, Teenage Dream by Capitol. "Last Friday Night (T.G.I.F.)" peaked at number 4 on the US Billboard Hot 100, in its fourth week on the chart, and number 6 on the Canadian Hot 100. Like all of Perry's previous Teenage Dream singles, it topped the Hot Digital Songs chart. The song is noted for charting on the Hot 100 before its official full release at #67 with the album's release, due to high digital demand. The accompanying music video for the single also allowed Perry to debut her alter ego, Kathy Beth Terry. Perry has revealed that she was inspired to write the track after running naked through a park. According to Music Rooms, Perry claims that after a wild night of partying and streaking, she wrote the song about her antics the next day. Perry revealed: “There’s nothing better than an impromptu dance party with my friends. My track 'Last Friday Night (T.G.I.F.)' is a song about debauchery because I had one of those nights in Santa Barbara. We went out to this place called Wildcat and got crazy,” Perry admitted: “We had a couple of beers and danced until we died, then brought the party back to the hotel room.” She added: “Most of that song is actual truth, apart from the ménage à trois… unfortunately! But, yes, streaking in the park, that’s what we did, so we had to write a song about it the next day!”[3] Bonnie McKee, the co-writer of the song stated "TGIF is pretty much a word for word description of our trip to Santa Barbara [with Perry], so I love that one. It’s really kitschy and fun and makes me nostalgic."

In the video, Perry plays Kathy Beth Terry, a nerdy teenager with braces, headgear and oversized glasses who's just woken up the morning after a house party, surrounded by passed-out partygoers. A male guest, Aaron Christopherson, (played by Glee actor Darren Criss) opens the door to her bedroom and congratulates her on having the best party ever. Puzzled as to what happened, she goes online, only to find pictures of herself in various compromising positions, including one picture of her licking Steve Johnson's stomach. The video then goes into a flashback of the events that occurred the night before. While playing Sudoku puzzles, Kathy hears loud music from the house next door, and goes over to complain. She is greeted by Rebecca Black (whose appearance is a homage to Black's viral "Friday" video), who invites her in. Another nerdy 7th grader, Everett McDonald, played by another Glee star Kevin McHale, ogles her from afar and fantasizes about being with her.

Katy Perry "Last Friday Night" Song

Kathy, however is more interested in Steve Johnson (played by model Richie Nuzzolese), the attractive football player attending the party, who turns her down because of her appearance. To cheer her up, Black gives Kathy a makeover, ripping off her headgear with pliers, waxing her upper lip, dressing her in tight-fitting neon clothes, and teasing her hair out. Steve becomes enamored with her, and everyone starts dancing. Kathy and Rebecca are also seen playing Just Dance 2 (a game which Perry is notably featured in) in this scene. Musician Kenny G plays a saxophone solo on the roof while 90s heartthrobs Hanson act as the house band. The entire party ends up moving to Kathy's house, where Everett punches Steve for trying to molest Kathy's bottom. At the end of the night, Kathy finally passes out next to Steve. The video shifts to present day, where she looks on with regret, but is also ecstatic to have a naked Steve passed out in her bed. During the video's end credits, there is a follow-up scene, where Everett makes breakfast in bed for Kathy. Also, there are additional scenes from the party and bloopers. Former teen idols Corey Feldman and Debbie Gibson make a cameo as Kathy's parents Kirk and Tiffany Terry. The video was filmed inside John Schneider's house. Several Webkinz make appearances in the video, most notably a Fantail Goldfish, a Ribbon Lion, and a Clown Fish.

The song has received mixed to positive reception from music critics. Allmusic picked it among the top tracks on the album, and said that Perry "salutes fellow attention-whore Kesha on 'Last Friday Night (T.G.I.F.)'". Rolling Stone said that "Perry likes her songs chatty; in the kegger romp "Last Friday Night," she chirps, "Think I need a ginger ale/That was such an epic fail". Slant Magazine said that “"Last Friday Night (T.G.I.F.)" is a lifeless roller-rink jam with a "T! G! I! F!" shout-along that will no doubt provide the soundtrack to any number of trashy sorority parties this semester". Spin Magazine said that "Last Friday Night recounts an evening of nonstop naughtiness – think streaking, skinny-dipping, and ménage à trois-ing.”

Now Magazine said that "The singer recently said that the catchy 'Last Friday Night (T.G.I.F.)' is her version of 'I Gotta Feeling'. With lyrics about photos ending up online after a debauched evening, it’s also reminiscent of Lady Gaga singing about drunkenly losing her keys and phone on Just Dance. Derivative, sure, but the song strikes a perfect equilibrium between Perry’s sex appeal and goofy, self-effacing charm". The A.V. Club said that "assuming that everything here is based on real life also means we have to accept that she’s had a ménage à trois on the indie-rock-meets-American Idol cut Last Friday Night (T.G.I.F.)". The Washington Post said that "Over strummy guitars and zigzagging keyboards, Perry recounts an evening of debauchery with no repercussions, her innocent transgressions (streaking, skinny-dipping) mentioned in the same breath as more serious trouble (mysterious bruises, a blackout), but ... [when] it's time for Perry to reflect on her 3 a.m. follies, she stiffly sings, "That was such an epic fail." It sounds like a clueless parent's attempt to speak teenager.". Billboard included the song in their Five Potential Pop Hits for 2011 list.

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