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Celeste Thorson

Celeste Thorson (born July 23, 1984) is an American actress, model, screenwriter, and activist. She is best known for her role as an athletic host in her action TV series, Destination X: Hawaii and Destination X: California. Thorson has written twenty four episodes of television for shows like "Destination X" and "The Industry". As a model she has been featured in modeling and commercial campaigns for Reebok, Lady Foot Locker, Yoplait, Sprint, Nissan Nokia, Samsung, Yahoo!, Body Glove, Toms Shoes, and Paul Mitchell. Thorson was born in Orange County, California, to her mother a fine artist, and father a United States Marine; the two divorced during Thorson's childhood. Her mother is of Lebanese, Spanish and Apache Mescalero Native American descent. Her father was born in South Korea and was adopted as a young child by the Thorson family in Colorado. On her father's side she is of South Korean and Scottish Irish descent. Thorson traveled much of the southwestern United States during grade school and high school, attending a number of private and public schools. Her residence changed often as her family would acquire commercial and residential real estate stretching from Los Angeles and Southern California to New Mexico and Texas. After graduating early from high school, Thorson moved to San Miguel de Allende, Guanajuato, Mexico to continue the three-generation family tradition of attending the historic Instituto Allende. Thorson studied silver working, jewelry making, sculpture and bronze casting at the privately owned classical art institute, which was founded in 1950.

At the age of 17, Thorson returned to the United States and moved to Los Angeles, CA to pursue political activism. Despite her father's death in the same year, she found success and fulfillment in non-profit work. Even as one of the youngest members in her office, Thorson quickly rose to the position of the Top Fundraiser in the Nation for the Public Interest Research Group. As a political activist she has worked to support many non-profit organizations such as Save the Children, Human Rights Campaign, Public Interest Research Group, and Sierra Club. She has committed her career to raising awareness and support for charitable causes around the world.At the age of 19 Celeste Thorson was discovered and signed by the Cuttingham Escott Slevin Doughty CESD Talent Agency in Los Angeles as a commercial and actress and model. Working in Los Angeles, New York, Milan, Paris, Cannes, Japan, London, Holland, Thailand, and Korea her modeling and acting work has given her a global presence. Thorson has been the cover girl for numerous magazines around the world and Billboards spanning the United States, Latin America and Asia. She has appeared in many modeling campaigns for clients like Body Glove, Nokia, Yahoo!, Fred Segal, Markwins, BIOQUE, Pinar Eris, Seril, Core Clothing, Jerry Terrence, Anna D.Milano, Eduardo Lucero, Louis Verdad, Margie Kent, Alisse Thatcher, Maggie Barry, D'Voshion, ISSI Fashion Beverly Hills, Qimone, Toms Shoes and Paul Mitchell. Throughout her modeling career she has worked with celebrity photographers, Giuliano Bekor, Lionel Deluy, David C Lee, Nikola Borrisov, Sean Armenta, Leea Haeger, Patricia de La Rosa, Kim Grisco, Amir Magal, Nicolaas De Bruin, Rachel Stephens, Shane Sato, Garet Field Sells, Tom Concordia, Scott Nathan, Steven Kay, Andrew Paynter, Brooks Ayola, Suzette Troche, Akif Hakan Celebi, Larissa Underwood, and one of Tyra Banks favorite America's Next Top Model photographer Matthew Jordan Smith.

Satin -- Official Movie Trailer

Thorson's first television appearances were for two consecutive Sprint commercials directed by Brian Beletic. She joined the Screen Actors Guild as a professional actress and appeared in commercial ads for clients like Lady Foot Locker, Reebok (director Shaun Conrad), Samsung, and Nissan (Believe Media). She also gave a cameo appearance in the Rolling Stones music video, Rain Fall Down, directed by Jonas Akerlund. She was soon recruited as an athletic, action sports star on the adventure TV series Destination X: Hawaii season one and Destination X: California season two. Destination X airs on Direct TV, Dish Network, Comcast and Time Warner Cable on The Resorts & Residence Channel and MavTV. It has broadcast on the Water Channel, MTV2 and in over 60 countries around the world. The first season was filmed on the Hawaiian islands of Oahu, Kauai, and Hawaii where Thorson hosted and participated in various outdoor sports like sky diving, mountain biking, jet skiing, scuba diving, parasailing, swimming with sharks, and rappelling off mountains. Season two was shot throughout Southern California, Mexicali, and Nevada where Thorson did races and did photos shoots with exotic sports cars like the Lotus Elise, Formula One, Bugatti Veyron, Porsche GTI, Bentley's and many others. Desination X California also featured the Willow Springs race track, as well as drifting and racing rallys like the Gumball and Bullrun. With the help of stunt pilots Thorson also did aerobatic maneuvers in the L-39 Albatros fighter jet. While developing her action career she starred in Room Nine a short film about a deadly girl on the run in the desert, directed by Paul Street of Streetlight Films UK and Believe Media. "Room Nine" was filmed in the Salton Sea, California and featured Thorson exploding a pickup truck. The film screened at the ArcLight Hollywood Cinema in Hollywood, California at the Hollywood Film Festival., the Palm Beach International Film Festival in Florida and at the New York Picture Start Film Festival where Thorson was nominated for Best Actress. After a string of dramatic performances in shorts and features like The Billy Armstrong Situation, and Still Breathing, Thorson broke into comedy. Thorson portrayed "Rocker Jill" in the feature film Satin which stars Melissa Joan Hart, Michael Cudlitz, and Robert Guillaume. In the comedic role of "Lisa" Thorson acts alongside Emmy winning actor Neil Patrick Harris and actress Collette Wolfe in the "Zoo or False" episode of How I Met Your Mother. Thorson also performed in a comedic sketch for Jimmy Kimmel Live spoofing Sarah Jessica Parker's perfume "Lovely."

Celeste Thorson has written a total of 24 episodes of television, ten episodes for the travel series "Destination X Hawaii" and one episode for "Destination X California". Thorson also contributed e/i content as a writer for 13 episodes of "The Industry" television show which starred Josh & JB, two San Diego based teen brothers that build a record label and break into the music industry. The show followed the strict Federal Communications Commission (FCC) guidelines for an educational and informative rating and aired throughout the United States on network channels and DirectTV. Celeste Thorson won the Model Star Award for Best Female representing the United States at the Asia Model Festival Awards Video Clip in Seoul, Korea. She traveled to South Korea to accept the award. Japan, Korea, China, the Philippines, Uzbekistan and the United States were all represented in the ceremony, with Award winners like Super Junior, Iza Calzado, Park Min Young, Han Ye Seul, Ju Jihoon, and Celeste Thorson as the popular favorites of Asia. Thorson was nominated along with three others in her category at the Asia Model Festival Awards sponsored by the Republic of Korea's Ministry of Culture and Tourism, China Bentley Culture Development, Arirang TV China Guang Xi TV, Dong-A TV, ETN TV, and China Central Television CCTV.
“I really enjoyed the Asia Model Festival Awards, and was honored to receive the Model Star award. The Korean Model Association, Eui-Sig Yang, SBS, DBC Holdings, Global One, as well as all of the sponsors made our stay very comfortable and exciting. The show was beautiful and the fashion of Blumarine, Jong-Sun, EXR, Ran Style & Lie Sang Bong was inspiring. I met so many beautiful and friendly models from around the world. I especially enjoyed meeting Iza Calzado, Ai Dai, Super Junior, and Angel Agustin they were very sweet. I loved all of the performances and can’t wait to return!"

Thorson attends and draws inspiration from film festivals like Cannes Film Festival, Sundance Film Festival, Troma Film Festival, Venice Film Festival, Hollywood Film Festival, and the Rome International Film Festival. Thorson was nominate for Best Actress at the Tenth Annual PICTURESTART FILM FESTIVAL in New York city for her short film Room Nine directed by Paul Street.

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