Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Robert Pattinson Crazy Night

It seems as though Robert Pattinson doesn’t need Kristen Stewart to have a good time anymore. The Twilight hunk was recently spotted out partying until closing with his Twilight cast mates, including Kellan Lutz.

The enormous crew of actors filled a lengthy table at Tsunami in Baton Rouge and reportedly had a wild time. One source reports, “a girl from a nearby table ordered them a round of lemon drop shots, and the bartender took it with them,” according to Hollywood Life.

Whoa! Sounds like a crazy night for the vampire boys, but apparently there was no invite for Taylor Lautner because he wasn’t there. Could there be some off-screen rivalry between the two tribes?

Robert Pattinson Cool Pose

Robert Pattinson Wallpaper

Robert Pattinson Sharpen Gaze

Robert Pattinson Nice Smile

Robert Pattinson Young

Robert Pattinson Serious Pose

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